GungHo CEO shows interest in Ninjala and Splatoon crossover!

Ninjala and Splatoon  – After a famous open beta and a launch that has fulfilled the expectations, Ninjala becomes one of the latest success stories for the Nintendo Switch. However, the colourful and cartoonish style of the GugHo Online Entertainment battle royale has resulted in drawing the attention of the players to another beloved Nintendo Title. The developer’s CEO in a recent interview with Eurogamer spoke about the similarities between Ninjala and Splatoon while discussing the origins and future of the game.

According to Kazuki Morishita, the CEO of GungHo, Ninjala took place from a fusion of his desire in order to craft the game about the ninjas and chanbara’s inspiration, an activity where the Japanese children made the use of sticks in order to avoid swords. The bubblegum asthetic of the battle royale came from a desire to add child-like “pop” to the game.

Ninjala and Splatoon

The art style of Ninjala has a different base than the colorful game Splatoon. The CEO said that the two games were similar on a surface level. However, he soon came to know that the players of Ninjala said the game is not like Splatoon actually. The CEO also said that gung-ho would be happy to do a potential collaboration.

Ninjala- Launch Trailer- Nintendo Switch

However, a collaboration between Ninjala and Splatoon is not likely to happen at such an early stage of the battle royale. Well, if the game keeps on growing its popularity, then Nintendo might permit a crossover.

Ninjala is now playable on Nintendo Switch.


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