Halsey Upcoming Album: Singer Unveils The Cover Art

Halsey is perhaps one of the most accomplished artists of her generation. She is one of the most recognisable faces on the planet. It seems that she is about to drop her new studio album called as If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. Now, people have been freaking because she has released the cover art of this new work and they cannot understand what she is trying to say.


Now, we have to introduce this cover art. The cover art is a 13 minute long video which has been shot in Metropolitan Museum in New York. It shows Halsey walking through the museum and she comes across several paintings. In the video itself, Halsey is shown as pregnant. The painting that she observes are also very pertinent. One of them is of a woman who is shown to be breastfeeding three babies at the same. Another painting is of a woman and presumably her child.


Halsey’s New Album: The Cover Art

She shared the new cover art through an Instagram post. She went to say that this new album will be a concept album. It will go on to explore the joys and horrors of becoming a mother. It will chronicle her journey of being a mother. The whole album shall also comment on the distinction between her being a mother and a sexual being at the same time.

Therefore, this concept has blown the fans out of the water. It is something which has not been explored before in an album is sure to make a lot of heads turn.

Halsey’s New Album: Release Date

Now, we know that you are excited to find out when is this new album going to hit the market. It seems that the album is going to drop on August, 27th. It is exactly after one year before the previous album was dropped.