Hamilton : All About Hidden Foreshadowing In BlockBuster Musical Show.

Hamilton is an American musical show. It is sung and rapped by Lin Manuel Miranda. It portrays the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The show follows pop, soul, hip hop as well as traditional style show tunes.


All about the hidden foreshadowing of death in Hamilton

A character called ‘Bullet’ in Hamilton represents death gunning for Hamilton and other characters of the show.


Hamilton’s members unit together and play the roles of different minor characters throughout the show. Perhaps, there’s one character that most probably the audience doesn’t notice at all i.e. The Bullet, it is played by Ariana DeBose. The Bullet interacts with characters in key moments of foreshadowing throughout the show and indicates death’s slow March towards Alexander Hamilton.

The Bullet and Hamilton interact firstly in the opening number, “Alexander Hamilton”. When Aaron Burr sings about his education and his first step towards the mainland, she takes a book from him and passes by Lauren’s, Lafayette, and Mulligan. She sits next to their table, The Bullet is killed and King George third number, “you’ll be back” when she is found acting as a spy. John Laurens kills a red coat and he himself dies in a short span of time.

In the Second act, Anthony Philip returns as Hamilton’s son, The Bullet again indicates his death by informing Philip to find George Eacker, the one who kills him in a duel.

The unusual fact is audiences never notice Bullet is by design, but it appears most of the time as a member of the ensemble. Eventually, The Bullet’s presence on stage always foreshadows the idea that death is coming for Alexander but the audience won’t notice it until it’s too late.

At the end of the show, Hamilton becomes aware of The Bullet. The time suddenly slows down as she steps in and Aaron Burr fires his gun. The Bullet’s appearance in the final duel can be interpreted as a foreshadowing of death in the show.

Hamilton: The critically acclaimed musical blockbuster show is worth watching and is currently available on Disney+.


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