Hanna Season 2-Know everthing Release Date,Trailer,Plot,Cast,Latest update

Hanna Season 2

Hanna is an American television web series  based on the 2011 film of the same name,on Prime Video. The series was created and written by David Farr, and directed by Sarah Adina Smith.


Hanna is the story of a mysterious but fearless daughter of an ex-CIA agent. She s sent on a mission by her father to continue his legacy. After regressive training, Hanna successfully becomes a part of the CIA’s Ultrax Program. There she learns about her father Eric who trained her in the Romanian forests all these years. And how she came up his life in forest.


Season 2- Release date:

Are you waiting for the second season of Hanna?

In February 2019, two weeks after the premiere of the first edition and the show was renewed for another one. Although Hanna Season 2 was supposed to release in May 2020. Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus,the shooting was stopped. Sadly, the fans of the action series will have to wait until things go back to normal. Hanna Season 2 will premiere, on Prime Video, July 3.

Season 2- Trailer:

The Season 2 trailer boasts plenty of scenes of the government’s unwitting wards training to become merciless assassins. And “Hanna” will likely focus as much on its heroine’s quest for autonomy as it will on action set pieces.

Hanna Season 2


Some crazy showdowns between Hanna and her sisters will be seen. In season 1, Hanna’s attempt to save her sisters failed. When all of them, except Clara , opted to leave with the US military. This could set up a lot of conflict between Hanna and her sisters. And may increase the stakes by a lot. Hanna and Clara definitely have a hard time facing off against an army of other genetically enhanced super-soldiers of the Utrax Regenesis program. The potential of the series can be explored even more, because of ardcore bloody action.

Season 2-Cast:

All the major characters to make returns for season 2 as expected. Some of the new faces added to the for Hanna Season 2. Adding the highest-profile is:

  • Dermot Mulroney, who will play Marissa’s former mentor
  • John Carmichael, who will play his antagonist towards Hanna
  • Anthony Welsh, meanwhile, will play Leo Garner, a member of Carmichael’s Utrax operations team
  • Cheryl Skeat plays Terry Miller, a CIA officer who joins the Utrax program in a major role.
  • Severin Howell-Meri and Jianna Kehl are on board as the new Utrax trainees, Helen and Jules.

With most of the film covered in the first go-around, there’s bountiful opportunity for the show’s sophomore season to surprise fans.

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