Hannibal will be leaving Netflix UK in September 2020


Hannibal will be leaving Netflix UK: Hannibal, who has seen substantial new audiences in 2020 thanks to new Netflix regions now streaming Hannibal’s stream, is scheduled to leave Netflix in the UK at the end of September 2020, and here he is. If so, why whether it is possible for him to stay and what it might mean for any hope of resuscitation.


A brief review.

Hannibal is the Sony Pictures series that initially aired on NBC for three short seasons. The series was created by Bryan Fuller with Mads Mikkelson and looked back on the film, showing the initial relationship between Hannibal Lecter and his patient.


All three seasons are currently available on Netflix Canada, Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

Netflix UK shows the series much longer than the other three. 

Hannibal has been with the British since 2016. The other three regions added seasons 1-3 to Netflix in early 2020.

 Netflix UK

When will Hannibal leave Netflix UK?

All three seasons will now leave Netflix UK on September 29, 2020. There is no official reason for the takedown date yet, and that doesn’t necessarily mean Netflix UK is going and won’t be renewed. Netflix and Sony reach a new agreement.

Since Netflix doesn’t own the show, you have to pay temporary license fees (in this case to Sony) to stream the show on Netflix. For more information on how Netflix will license the content, click here.

For now, you can assume all three seasons will come out of Netflix on the specified date unless we hear otherwise. In this case, we will update this article.

Since its inclusion on Netflix US and other regions earlier this year, the series has seen a surge in popularity, renewing hope for any revival in a single movie or a television series. Despite speculation and rampant rumors, nothing official has been announced.

If the series leaves Netflix UK, it could spell the end of any hope of a revival, as Netflix usually reboots to show where all previous seasons can take place, as we saw in Lucifer.

Will you miss Hannibal if he leaves Netflix UK? Let us know in the comments.

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