Harley Quinn Season 3: Will it be renewed or is it cancelled? What are the latest updates?

Updates on The DC movie series Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn Season 3 – Harley Quinn is a much celebrated character of the DC world. It gained popularity since it’s release. Season one of it premiered in November 2019. The second season is as new as being aired in April 2020. Now we all await the next season, though not so soon.


Harley Quinn Explained:


Harley Quinn was initially the supporting character and the girlfriend of the Joker. But it turned out to be a independently popular character. Harley is loved by fans. In season two we see her with poison ivy, her new love interest. The series is about the adventures of Harley Quinn and her quest for an identity after her breakup from the Joker. The joker however doesn’t want her to be on her own.

Harley soon goes on to create a crew. And with the help of her crew she defeats Joker and takes over the Gotham City. And in their fight Joker then destroys the entire city which lead to the apparent deaths of The Joker and Batman.

Harley Quinn Season 3

In the second season we see how the newly formed Injustice league has taken over the Gotham City. Harley Quinn then defeats them and claims the city to herself with the help of her crew. We see the emergence of Batgirl while all of this is going. It is soon revealed that The Joker and Batman are not dead, although now they might not be able to fight back.

Harley Quinn Season 3:

There has not been any official notices of the announcement of season three.

But we all can anticipate a new season based on how the previous season ended. We may expect Poison ivy and Harley Quinn to be together as love interests. We also may have new challenges to be faced by Harley Quinn in form of new characters.

Although there is no assurance of the renewal any time soon due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many projects have been delayed, this being one of them. But we can atleast assured of the fact that it will get a renewal based on the popularity it has gained.


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