Harmonix has just dropped the first gameplay trailer for its newest DJ game: Fuser


Harmonix, the Rock Band studio has come back with another music game only this time. It is all about the mashing songs together. This new title is known as Fuser. The developers of the game describe it as “a non-stop virtual music festival where you control the music.”


In the game, you will have to play as a DJ, fusing the popular songs all together in order to excite the crowd. It consists of a single-player campaign. The game gives you a freestyle mode for playing with new musical ideas and multiplayer too, where you will be allowed to compete as well as collaborate with the other players.


Here is the Official Announcement Trailer of FUSER

Well, the most important part of the game lies with the selection of the music and Harmonix is claiming that the game will include more than 100 licensed tracks. These tracks include “In DA Club” and “bad guy”. Along with a meme song worth the addition, such as “All Star” and “Old Town Road.” This seems as an ideal project if viewed from the social aspect. The players are allowed to share their mashups with their friends and others online.

Steve Janiak, the CEO of Harmonix says, “Music today is an experience.” They further said that the game will allow the players to share their videos singing along with their favorite tracks. You will be able to watch your favorite bands play at the festivals. Share the hit music with your friends. On your way to become the festival headliner the Fuser puts the players in the middle of all that by allowing you to mix and shame some of the biggest hits.

The core of Fuser concept might sound similar to Dropmix, the previous Harmonix release. In Dropmix, the players were allowed to mix together the songs by placing the cards on a board. It was a game of fun, less expensive, music, game and one of the many musical experiments that was released by Harmonix as a celebration to the original success of Rock Band, including VR rhythm action game Audica from last year.

It is expected that Fuser will release this fall on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PC.


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