Harry Potter Actress Evanna Describes Modern Fan Culture As “Unhealthy” and “Kind of Dangerous”

Evanna Lynch depicted Luna Lovegood in the last four film adjustments of J.K. Rowling’s remarkably mainstream book arrangement, and concedes her own being a fan of the arrangement was at that point exceptional before joining the cast.


“I was an extremely over the top Harry Potter fan,” she clarified on the Talking Tastebuds digital broadcast. “I began perusing them when I was around eight, and that was only my entire personality for some time. It’s very humiliating.”


Evanna Lynch proceeded to clarify how that fixation made functioning with the show’s stars clumsy: “When I met Daniel [Radcliffe], Emma [Watson] and Rupert [Grint], I sort of had a deep understanding of them. I knew their pets’ names, I knew their birthday events, I knew their folks’ names and I needed to imagine [I didn’t].”

She kept: “Being an over the top fan is somewhat sabotaging – it happens when you’re a youngster, you’re so unreliable and you’re attempting to get yourself. You see these others and they appear to be incredible and stunning and faithful.”


Presently 28, the entertainer conceded she has had encounters on the two sides of being a fan, and disregards fans who channel that degree of power at her now. “I don’t believe it’s solid,” she said. “I simply think fan culture is somewhat risky and you can sort of lose yourself in it.”

Her Take on Transgenders : Evanna

Prior this month (June 11), various Harry Potter stars have promised their help for the transgender network.  Following posts made by Rowling, that is gaining popularity

Rowling got into controversies after making a remark online that prompted her being blamed for transphobia, and later clarified her perspectives all the more altogether in a 4,000 word blog entry.

Daniel Radcliffe, who we saw playing the lead in the film Harry Potter, was one of the main prominent names to impart his difference to Rowling, composing that “we have to accomplish more to help transgender and nonbinary individuals, not discredit their personalities, and not bring on additional mischief!

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