Heels Trailer: The new Wrestling drama from STARZ

Heels Season 1 2021 DWL Arena; Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig); Jack Spade (Stephen Amell)

In this article, we are going to talk about Heels, which is the new wrestling drama which is about to drop real soon. Further, the show has been getting a lot of attention these days as the two main cast members are also announced Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig. Therefore, if you love fighting dramas such as Warrior or even Fight Club then please read up on this article.


The story has been written by Michael Waldron. Now, we will be dealing with the story of the film itself. It is supposed to be an hour long. It features the story of two brothers who fight in the ring to keep the name of their father alive. The entire story is set in a closely knit community of Georgia. The town is full of people who have dreams and want to make it big. The town comes together for the sport of pro wrestling. Hence, it manages to pose us with a different sense of community that is largely unheard of in the modern society. But, it is the reality that is given to us in this new drama. Because of this new take, the story has been hailed to be an intriguing one by most people.


Heels: The war of two brothers

In every conflict which is depicted on screen, we are always faced with forces. The two of these forces tend to depict good and evil. But, the film poses us with a different interpretation of the same. What is a rivalry between two people who are brothers? The rivalry which they put up on stage, what is the value of such rivalry? And how does one shed it off after the act is over?

Now, there are many other great actors which you will be able to see in this drama. So, mark your calendars for August 15th, 9 PM.

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