Hello Ninja season 4- when is it releasing? And How did the previous season end? (Ending explained)

Hello Ninja season 4: Netflix is one of the only thing we are enjoying to the core in the repetitious lockdown. Once again it has released our favourite show to our rescue. ‘ Hello Ninja season 3’ is out, yes we know you love the show. The show released on 10th July and it’s no shock that it got so many reviews just in a day. The previous seasons were no less . With the show stepping stairs have now reached till 3 seasons, fans are now expecting the show to continue further with season 4.


Hello Ninja Season 4 is likely to feature Lukas Engel as the voice cast for Wesley, the main character alike its preceding seasons. Zoey Siewart is the voice cast for Georgie, the friend of Wesley. Sam Vincent will continue to lend his voice for Pretzel, Wesley’s cat in Hello Ninja Season 4.
Irrespective of the main cast, Mayumi Yoshida lends her voice to Wesley’s grandmother and Jay Britton lends the voice for Wesley’s father.


Season 3 just released and it’s presumed that season 4 is not in the line soon until April 2021. Netflix is yet to confirm anything about season 4. The animated series premiered on Netflix on the 1st of November 2019 and fans have been showering their love to the show since its first release.

There is no trailer for season 4 as season 3 released just a day ago . We’ll update you anytime we get it until then sit tight to watch season 3.

Hello Ninja Season 3’ portrays the story of Wesley, the kid with secret Ninja powers. The show also includes Wesley’s best friend Georgie and his cat Pretzel who move to Osaka, Wesley’s grandmother’s hometown. Gen, Wesley’s cousin becomes the newest member of the Ninja-club.

After some time the adventure-loving ninjas learn new katas, meet Wesley’s cousin, Gen, and visit Baa-chan’s hometown of Osaka, Japan, the whole story will make us ho crazy because of the whole intriguing plot.

Gen is the one who is eventually responsible for awakening the spirit of Kodama. Season 3 has still left some unexplored parts which we hope will be discovered in season 4.
We hope to hear more about season 4 to update you soon.

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