Here’s Everything You Need To Know About DC FanDome: A 24 Hour Mega Fan Event

DC FanDome: This year comic con is over but any other convention coming? DC Fan dome will be coming for virtual. The convention will be on your computer. And it is coming on 24th August 2020.


It is a global event for all the DC fans in which different panels would be there. Fanarts, Cosplay, comics, online panels, special events for kids would be in Fandome.


DC fandom is powerful and very wide and very enthusiastic about every movie of DC. It would be the best thing for a DC fan in 2020 to get to know more about the film and upcoming movies. The fandom is long-awaited and super excited to know more about Snyder Cut of Justice League, Robert Pattinson as the Batman.

What is DC Fandome?

Famdome is like comic-con but just for DC. But if you are in DC fandom, it’s a long-awaited thing we can surely say that. It’s not just about Batman, Aquaman, Superwoman; It’s about all the comic books and video games of DC.

This event will cover the whole of DC World. It will include the most impressive famous movies, books, shows, and video games. Well is you’re a DC fan, we can say the level of excitement racing up now, but you have to wait for a while.

DC FanDome

How can you join?

There will be links to play games and to go to any virtual online panel and some teachers to watch and you can also do shopping there. Just like a comic con but comic con was for a few days, but Fandome would be just for 24 hours.

There is a long list of guests and hosts. There are some with listed in which you might be interested in knowing, Aisha Tyler, Robin Wright, Ezra Miller, Jason Isaacs, Viola Davis, and many more.

The best part about DC Fandome is it is free for all. So you have to wait for the 24th and you can see all the DC people in the event and enjoy 24 hours with DC family.


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