Here’s How The X-Men and The New Mutants May Join The MCU

The X-Men and The New Mutants May Join The MCU: Watching the Avengers: Endgame recently was a dream come true for countless Marvel fans- their favorite characters were finally together in a single movie. What a truly cinematic experience that was! *sighs* But, according to some hungry-for-more fans, the movie was still missing something- the quirky one-liners coming out of a man with claw blades. It’s a no-brainer, guys. We are definitely talking about the X-men. 


Will their paths ever cross?


Fans have now longed for an epic historical crossover of superheroes from the two universes against nefarious supervillains determined to bring the already-doomed world to its end. But, it’s been years, and the fans haven’t received a single drop of water in this hopeless desert full of fan theories. The 20th Century Fox holds the official rights to create and distribute content based on the X-men while Marvel’s Avengers come under Disney Studios. Truth be told, there has been quite a ruckus between the two. But, in December 2019, Disney finally struck a deal with Fox Studios and obtained the permission to distribute the mighty- mutant films under its name. Does this mean that the two teams will come together on the big screen to fight evil? No official statements have been made, but we are definitely hoping for it to happen.

The New Mutants

But exactly HOW will the X-Men be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Fans have come up with endless theories about the same. A Reddit user speculates that Tony Stark’s snap with the Infinity Gauntlet created discrepancies in the various dimensions and, thus, resulted in the rebirth of the Mutants. Other fans believe that the Mutants already existed in the pre-snap world but became stronger with their powers post the snap. The most interesting and creative theory states that Scarlett Witch will actually recreate the first mutant using the powers bestowed upon her by the Mind Stone. Whose theory will turn out to be true? Only time will tell. 

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