Here’s Why Playing The Joker From DC Universe On The Big Screen is A Huge Deal

The Joker From DC Universe: Acting is said to be an expression of life and Actors play a huge role in portraying various persisting issues of society, But there are some dark, scary, and provoking roles like the role of Joker, which takes a bad impact on society and also proves to be a big deal for the actors too.


Why Playing The Role Of Joker A Big Deal For Actors?

The role of Joker is played right from the beginning of the Batman Series where the role was played by Jack Nicholson, and then Heath Ledger, following Jared Leto and the last Joaquin Phoenix. There’s isn’t any doubt that the stars had done ample hard work to fit in the role of Joker. But, At the same time, it proved to be very risky for them
The role of Joker is somewhat filled with wicked darkness and portrays the life of a devastated, alienated person who didn’t get a lot from his life.
Also, the role provokes violence which was not at all liked by the people.


How The Actors Suffered By The Joker Role?

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson had portrayed the role of Joker in Tim Burton’s Dark film Batman.
No doubt his role was highly appreciated, But that role had taken a toll on his personal life even he had warned the former actor Heath Ledger about the bad psychological impact the role had on the person.

Heath Ledger

The most likely reason for seeing the Joker as a dark scary role is because of Ledger, who died before the release of the movie Batman The Dark Knight,2008
The role made him less interactive, and quiet all day long, He was even seen locking himself in the hotel room and keeping a Joker journal
His demise had made the fans believe that all he had done is just because of the Joker role.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto was seen in Suicide Squad playing the role, The film was released in the year 2016, Talking about the impact of the role, he stated that for him the role of Joker was very painful and it made him somewhat detached too.
He was even seeing doing unusual things on the film set also sending terrible gifts to come stars.

Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix’s portrayal gained a lot of popularity after his film Joker but despite all the fame he got, The actor admitted that the role has taken a toll over his mental health. He even felt like he will be made after the completion of his role.
He was always seen reading books based on psychological problems. Even his co-stars and other crew members said that they have to see every other shade of his personality on each day of the shoot. He even had to lose 52 pounds for fitting in the role of Joker

Although, every little role contributes something in an actor’s life a deep and dark role, affects them a lot, and can create a mess in their life.

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