High & Low The Worst crossover movie will be premiering at the end of this year

Though the name suggests otherwise High & Low The Worst crossover is far from being bad. The franchise that started with an action movie has been adapted into TV series and a manga series in Akita Shoten’s magazine.


The franchise integrates two Hiroshi Takashi two most eminent series Crows and Worst with the High and Low franchise. The premiere movie of the crossover launched in Japan in October 2019. It centered around students from Hosen Academy from Worst and Crows manga and students from Oya High school from High & Low.


The Release Date of High & Low The Worst Crossover Movie

According to the official announcement made by N.T.V stated that the movie will release on November 19, 2020. It will premiere on N.T.V.

The Plot of High & Low The Worst Crossover

The plot revolves around six childhood friends namely Fujio Hanaoka, Seiji Kirihara, Shinya Orochi, Masaya Orochi, Madoka Ishii, and lastly Arata Maekawa. The study together in a high school named Demon High school headed by Yoshiki.

The story begins as the friends started digging up a time capsule they had buried in a park ten years ago. Though the capsule seemed normal they have no idea what’s in store for them.

High & Low The Worst crossover

Cast and Crew of High & Low The Worst Crossover

Shigeaki Kubo, Norishia Hiranuma, and Daisuke Kamijo are the directors of the film. Shigeaki Kubo had also directed the premiere film in the series. While Norishia Hiranuma wrote the screenplay for the last movie, the screenplay to the original movie is written by no other than Hiroshi Takashi himself.

The roles of the six friends are portrayed by:

  • Kazuma Kawamura as Fujio Hanaoka
  • Jin Shirasu as Seiji Kirihara
  • Yuta Natuzaka as Shinya Orochi
  • Hatya Komori as Masaya Orochi
  • Miu Tomita as Madoka Ishii
  • Masto Yano as Arata Maekawa

You can watch the previous film and series of High & Low on Hulu.com


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