HIStory4: Close to You (2021) Episode 7 Everything You Need To Know

HIStory4: Close to You is a Taiwanese drama that is running currently. It is the fourth volume of HIStory series. HIStory4: Close to You focuses on the love interests of four individuals who are different from each other.




This drama show that anykind or any form of love is love. Due to the love theme, this series is getting hue acceptance from the fans. Also, Taiwan entertainment focuses more on love which is their advantage. It helps them to grow fan following of this genre. Acceptance of love in any form makes this world more beautiful and a happy place. Teng Mu Ren, Ye Xing Si, Xiao Li Cheng and Fu Yong Jie are the four characters of this series.

The series started airing on March 14th 2021. It has 20 episodes so it will continue till May 16th 2021. Prior this, the HIStory series have three more volumes. All the drama are being in the BL series. The show focuses on love and relationship, as a result new-age problems come into hand. You will see how the boys sort out their love and personal life in the series. The drama airs on the its original network Line tv with duration of 24 minutes. It is directed by Chen Yi Yu, and it is already getting lots of response from the audience. 6 episodes have been released till now and 7th will be release on next sunday.

HIStory4: Close to You Episode 7 Release Date

After episode 6, show will continue from where it left. We will see that Teng Mu Ren getting involve in affairs after president Gao seems to have bad attention for him. Therefore, Vice president’s actions seem a little too intimate towards him as a result, it troubles Xiao Li Cheng. So, he seems careless towards the fact that president Gao is interested in him. He thinks that he is mad and he cannot harm him in any way.

Sooner we will set to see him surrounded by many more troubles as Xiao Li Cheng is running after him. we will get to see lots of twists and turns in the series. Next episode is actually going to be more interesting and confession of love. Episode 7 will reveal what happens next.

Episode Schedule

7th episode of the drama is going to air on April 4th 2021. As we have already mentioned, it begins on March 14th and will run till May 16th 2021. It has total 20 episodes and all the episodes telecast on every Sunday on Line tv.

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Where to Watch?

This ongoing drama is currently airing on its original channel partner Line tv. The drama is also accessible in Viki, along with 15 different subtitles. The genre of the series is love, romance, BL, and comedy. The 7th episode is going to release very soon. Just wait till the airing date which is 4th April. Do share your experience with us about the episode.

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