Hitman 3 Release date, Gameplay, Storyline and All details!

IO Interactive has done a great job in remaking the Hitman series in a few years. Putting the players into huge stealth sandboxes that allow the players to approach anything they want practically. It seems that Hitman 3 is continuing that legacy on the PS5 and Xbox Series X along with the current-gen consoles.


Hitman 3 will come with a closure to the rebooted story of the Agent 47. Just like the Hitman 2.0, the studio will let the players to import the locations from the last two previous games. Also, there will be many new locations for the players to explore.


Hitman has got many details from the announcement of the PS5 reveal and it seems that IO Interactive is now learning about all the things they have done in their first two games.

Release Date of Hitman 3

Unlike most of the games that were announced while the event of PS5, Hitman 3 was announced with a relatively firm date that is January 2021. However, the exact date still remains a mystery. The game Hitman 3 will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X and the PC along with the Xbox One and PS4.

At the launch of Hitman 3, the entire campaign will be playable from the beginning to the end. However, it seems that the studio has kept some more things in its mind as observed from its blog post which says that HITMAN 3 will work as a platform for the whole trilogy and they are excited to release a vision finally that they has five years ago in order to build a game world that will grow continually and will expand with time. Hitman 3 will be the first full game that IO Interactive self-publishes and the players will get the chance to carry their data over from the Part 1 and 2 of Hitman.



Hitman3 will continue the story that was left uncompleted in the previous sequel with Agent 47 featuring on another globe-trotting adventure. The main goal of the game Hitman 3 is to eliminate all the partners of Provinces and 47 will have to team up with his handler Diana Burnwood along with his long-lost friend Lucas Gray to achieve that goal.

The reveal trailer came up with a new location, i.e., Dubai. The complete trailer was captured in-engine and the towering skyscrapers of Dubai will certainly make a different scene from what 47 used to. Many more new locations are expected to be revealed as the release of the game gets closer.


Hitman3 will take the player into a huge assassination sandbox here they will have to complete objectives in any way they see okay. In the announcement the studio said that they will introduce some new gameplay feature in the game Hitman 3. But these features have not shown up in writing.

The reveal trailer showed some short glimpses of how the Dubai mission might look. In one of the shots it was shown that 27 was sneaking up the pipes of a building wearing a skydiving suit which suggested that the assassin dove down to the building.

Hitman 3 will be playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.


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