Hollywood season 2-? How did the series end?

Hollywood season 2 – Hollywood is a quirky series which has been created and written by Ryan Murphy . The show is all about the obstacles faced by people due to the prejudiced representation during the golden age of cinema .
The show portrays young artists who come together to create a movie ‘meg’ to depict the story about the dilemma of a black actress , the story is inspired through the real life of Peg Enwistle, an actress who famously committed suicide by jumping off of the Hollywoodland sign in 1932.
When people got to know that a black actress has been casted in opposite to a white man and it’s a love story , people started rejecting the movie and they started protesting that the movie shouldn’t be released . After all the complications and public criticism , the movie becomes a hit and was nominated for Oscar .
The biggest controversy happens when the lovebirds , Rock and Archie came out of their bubble and publicized their love on the red carpet . Hollywood season 2 The couple held hands and made a confident walk while the paparazzi glare them instead of taking their pictures. They also shared a kiss when Archie went to receive the oscar award.It is obvious that the win of their love was a bit harsh to them as they received death threats and it became even more tough for Rock to get employment .


Hollywood Season 2
The show moving to its final episode also witnessed jack and Claire wood getting engaged when jack proposed to him in front of everybody through his speech , We know you all loved that “awww” moment.
Henry , who was too ruthless towards Rock also tried to apologize for his behavior.
Everybody who has watched Hollywood is now eager to know about the arrival of its sequel but sadly Ryan Murphy has made no statement regarding this but he replied to fan where he mentioned that he wasn’t expecting to make a sequel but now that everybody has Praised the series , he would love to make another season .
Hollywood season 2 – There is no information about the cast for season 2 till now but we expect some creative artists as the expectations are quite high after its first season.
The movie is definitely appreciable as it reveals the hurdles of the LGBTQ community and the fear of society they deal with , it also shows the personal life of actors and their struggle.



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