Horimiya Season 2: What can we expect?


Horimiya ended up being one of the liked anime shows in recent times. The charming storyline of the show made people ask about the next season. Therefore, in this article, we are going to talk about whether you can expect another season of the show. Moreover, we will also tell you about all the information which is lying with us now.


Okay, before we move onto the fact that the first season of the show is ending. Let us analyse what the show is all about for the people who do not know anything about this show.


Horimiya tells the story of two people who are Kyoko and Izumi. Both of them are good in concealing their true selves from their classmates. Kyoko is depicted as a person who likes to stay home but can get hostile contingent on the situation. On the other hand, we see the character of Izumi who is just a street punk but comes across as mild mannered.

There are discernible differences between these two characters. But despite the same, they fall in love with each other.

Horimiya: A fan and critic favorite

There are not many shows in the world which is liked by fans as much as being appreciated by the critiques. We have to say that any person who watches the show will eventually fall for it. This is because it has a very good animation.

This good use of animation is coupled with an absorbing story line. There are shows which tend to lay more focus to their main characters. But, this is one of those plots where the secondary characters also receive the same treatment. Therefore, it elevates the script to another level.

Now, let us tell you that the next season has not been announced. But, we are sure that there is a lot of source material left, which can be used to go deeper into existing storylines.

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