Host (2020) Ending, Explained ! Host Zoom Movie 2020 Movie Plot

Host (2020): It is a horror-thriller with an amazing storyline. As the world suffers due to the pandemic the story showcases how a group of friends invite spirits through zoom call maintaining social distancing.
We have got you covered with the details of the movie.

The plot of Host (2020)
The film revolves around six friends who are curious to know about paranormal creatures. Their curiosity excites them and they arrange a zoom call with a seance practitioner. The group wanted to know if they can meet a supernatural being in the pandemic situation.
The situation goes out of their hands when their curiosity turns out to be a curse for them.

Ending of Host (2020)
It’s amazing how a movie of just one hour can give you chills. The ending of the film left the question “Who even started all this?”
Well, if we go into a flashback you’ll remember that Hailey was the one to attend a meeting with the practitioner. Later, it’s also revealed that Hailey has done all this before as well. In fact, we also see that Hailey’s house is a haunted house and that too before they did that zoom meeting which turned their lives upside down.
Gemma too was at fault. During the meeting, she lied about having experienced the spirit of a boy from their school who committed suicide. Although, the practitioner warned her that lies will make the spirits angry. Gemma pays for the lie and the evil spirit literally got pissed off.



If we think about it then Gemma and Hailey were equally responsible. However, it was because of Gemma that the spirit stayed and took a physical form of Jack, the same boy from their school.

Teddy, he left the meeting in the beginning only. Are you thinking he’s safe? No, he too suffered as he later decided to join the meeting.

Overall, it’s a great horror movie that too with a duration of just one hour. It’s interesting how the maker has created scenarios keeping in mind the COVID-19 situation. We still get goosebumps thinking about it, Go watch it if you haven’t already.


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