Hotels will reopen in Delhi as per sops issued by centre

Hotels will reopen in Delhi: New Delhi; nowadays all people suffered from big problems this is called COVID-19 or corona. It is origin from china but suffered the world. It is the virus which is people cause death. It is also Touchablility diseases so due to this problem our government has taken decision lockdown in India.
Due to this decision, our economy goes down. And most people jobless. Nowadays, corona patients, is 31,76,077, and 57,891 people are dead so this condition government is insecure to open all the things.


Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday met members of hotel associations. “All stakeholders have to work together to strengthen Delhi’s economy. I want to thank the entire hotel industry because when Covid-19 was at its peak, hotels supported us in enhancing the capacity of beds for the treatment of patients. All hospitals, hotels, and religious and social organizations supported us in our efforts. Today, our situation is under control. I am happy that since we have lifted the lockdown, we have not felt the need to impose the lockdown again.”
The order issued by our state government said that hotels will be permitted to operate throughout the National Capital Territory of Delhi in all areas, except the containment zones, subject to strict compliance of standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on June 4, 2020, and other instructions and guidelines of Government of India and Government of NCT of Delhi from time to time.



Rules and Regulations

The government has given the order to the hotel management
They ensure hand sanitizer is provided at the entry gate Or points. They have all people whose hotel members or guests both have the same rules, they scanned and wearing the mask and also maintain the social distancing in the hotel and also outside.
Other measure includes mandatory guidelines wearing of mask form employees and guest, rearrangement of the seat in the corridor, restaurants, halls , waiting for areas and also other areas whether people have got close or crowded and prohibition of gathering.
And also those people have aged can work from home because of health conditions. They cannot take any risk from life. This rules also follow those people who have any health issues they also work from home

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