House of the Dragon: Production paused due to COVID

It seems that another show has fallen to the fate of COVID in the UK. This time it is House of the Dragon. If you don’t know about it, the House of the Dragon is the prequel which has been produced by HBO. It is the prequel to the Game of Thrones. GOT was one of the biggest TV shows of the 21st century. It managed to get a lot of attention and won a lot of awards over the years. But, after the end of the show, the fans were asking for more. House of the Dragon is one of them.


It has been revealed that the production of this prequel has been halted for two days. This is because one of the members in zone A has contracted the virus. This zone A consists of the cast and crew. The outlets have been asking around as to what is going to happen now. But, they have revealed that the person concerned has gone into isolation and the people who came into contact with them have also been in quarantine. The production is set to begin from Wednesday.


House of the Dragon: Falling to the COVID wave in the UK

We have been writing about the COVID Wave in the UK for a while. If you have been keeping up with the news on COVID at FinanceRewind, then you must have noticed the two Netflix shows getting delayed. These shows also suffered delays because the production members were found to be positive.

The government has been pushing for reopening. But this is not going well as nearly 52,000 people were declared positive. It seems it is all because of the Delta variant. We recently saw the Health Secretary Sajid Javid getting the virus. This forced even PM Boris Johnson to go into isolation.

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