How HGTV’s Alison Victoria Feels after Confirming Split from Windy City Rehab Partner amid Legal Battle

Alison Victoria

Alison Victoria unfolded her feelings about her recent split with her Windy City Rehab co-star Donovan Eckhardt.


The designer – contractor duo had taken many projects over the years. They most recently appeared on HGTV’s popular show Windy City Rehab. HGTV is a known cable channel owned by Discovery, Inc, which primarily broadcasts reality shows related to home improvement and real estate.


As people watching the program must know; Windy City Rehab was recently put under the gun as a series of lawsuits followed for the houses that they undertook during the course of Season 1.

The financial stress caused by the legal battles affected the pair’s work relationship. Things were made worse for as the strife caused was filmed on camera.

Watch the trailer for Season 2 of Windy City Rehab below.


In the premiere episode only that aired on September 15th, Alison and Donovan can be seen fighting over a failed attempt to get a loan and Alison even finds out that the majority of the loan renovation project has already been paid out to Donovan’s company without her knowledge.

Here is what Alison Victoria said in an interview with People Magazine.

“All of a sudden, you start closing on these houses and you start wondering. ‘Where is the profit? Why am I not making any money’? And then you start uncovering more and more. That’s when I realized that I had no idea what was going on”.

Things are not going well for Alison Victoria as either of the business partners are not allowed to take out any building permits in Chicago right now.

Windy City Rehab

She is currently extracting her business and building a new reputation for herself; which is harder than it might seem.

“People just think, ‘Oh, it’s easy. You just get rid of a partner.’ But I have friends that have gone through divorces that aren’t this bad. And those divorces were really bad.”


Although this not the best of time for her; it appears from the interview that she is pulling through the split and credits her boyfriend Michael Marks and her family for helping her stay positive.


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