How Old is Danielle Cohn? About The Viral Tiktok Star

Danielle Cohn is one of the most famous TikTok artistes ever. Let us talk about her rise to fame. Now, her career started on the app called as This app was later acquired by TikTok. Talking about her presence on this platform is almost useless.


She is practically the queen of TikTok. And her presence is not just limited to TikTok, she is also very popular on Instagram and Youtube. But, her talent is not only limited to her presence on these platforms. It’s also her content. She has successfully released two singles till now. Her first single was known as Marilyn Monroe, and was dropped way back in the year 2017.


Danielle Cohn: Her TikTok fame

Danielle became one of the first influencers to cross the 10 million follower mark on the platform. There is a reason behind such fame though. It can be seen that she had been very active since the early days of her career. Her activity was not only limited to Youtube and Instagram.

It can be seen that she has millions of fans from all around the world. Her activity is not just limited to presence on these social media platforms. She has also been a part of certain controversies and her personal life also trends sometimes.

Danielle Cohn: How old is she?

This is one of the most asked questions about her. Danielle was born in Florida and she has always had a keen interest in music. Her music is what has earned her so much popularity and fans. But, determining her age can be a bit of a problem.

Why? Her father once took it to social media and stated her age to be 13, whereas she denied and said that it is 16. But, this is revelation was a year back so we can safely say that her age is around 17 years.