How The Glow Up Season 2 Cast Has Stayed Creative During Lockdown

The Glow Up Season 2: The one show that’s purely for all the makeup lovers out there is The Glow Up. This is a two edition British web reality television show with aspiring MUAs competing with each other to emerge as the makeup artist. The first series premiered on 6 March 2019 and the second season released in May 2020. Catch up to know what the Glow Up Season 2 cast is up to during this lockdown period amid the coronavirus pandemic.


1. Ophelia Liu

In an interview with Refinery29, the season winner said, ” I have been using my time to work on my Instagram page, connecting with photographers, bands and artists and working together, and really just working around the lockdown rules”. She added, “It has been tricky to work as an MUA during the pandemic due to the government rules. I feel like we have taken normal for granted and this really set professional makeup artists at a higher level”.



2. James Mc Inerny 

He has been caught up with his craft works during this pandemic. He quoted, “I honed in on my own creativity and makeup artistry, creating content working alongside some highly respected organization and during Pride Month as well, including MCM Comic Con and Amnesty International”. He is currently staying in Ireland and wishes to return to London for his editorial shoots.

3. Hannah Cunningham

She has found her interest in honing her skills. The contestant has returned to her office and wishes to continue her career as an MUA thus she is now working as an assistant manager at a makeup store. “Any opportunity to practice on every skin type, texture, tone, has been so valuable and I’ve loved it”, Cunningham said.

4. Berny Ferr

This contestant of the Glow Up show is willing to continue doing her editorial prints for online publications. He was reported saying, “I have been assisting and working on shows and shoots, and keeping up with my looks on Instagram page”.

5. Jake Oakley

This is the only contestant of the show who has managed to resume his work interest. Jake Oakley has spent his lockdown period working as a certified lash technician, hand creating and selling strip lashes.

With everything resuming to its normal and unlock of all the things that were halted till now, the government has officially now allowed MUAs to return back to their work as makeup artists following guidelines issued by the authorities strictly.


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