How to read The Witcher books in order?

Need more Geralt while you sit tight for the following period of the show? Here’s the manner by which to plunge into the Witcher books.



It may be a short time before The Witcher season 2 is out on Netflix. The creation will continue in August, however, we most likely won’t see the consequences of it until at any rate late 2021. Meanwhile, why not look at the source material? There are huge amounts of Witcher books to peruse.

It’s not exactly as simple as one, two, three, however. The series began as a lot of short stories during the ’80s for a Polish dream magazine, and the underlying story came third in their opposition to discover new thoughts and authors. The narratives were so mainstream they at that point proceeded to produce full-length books, which were then distributed in Polish in 1993. The books were discharged in English somewhat late, from 2007, with Danusia Stok deciphering the initial two and David French assuming control over obligations for the third book. The books at that point, in the long run, turned into the games (and now Netflix show) we know and love.

The book series is composed of Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and follows a man named Geralt who happens to be a Witcher—somebody adjusted with otherworldly capacities and prepared from youth to fight brutes that compromise general society. Obviously, the books are about more than that: The focal bend follows Geralt as he ensures Ciri, a princess whose nation has been won.

On the off chance that you need blade using activity and bizarre beasts, you’re in the perfect spot.

Where to begin with The Witcher books?

You’ll need to begin with The Last Wish. While it was distributed, later on, it includes stories set before the main full-length book and sets up the Continent as a background. It likewise acquaints the peruser with Geralt and the nuts and bolts of what a witcher is and what one does. You’ll find out about Geralt battling monsters, enjoying pub battles, and his room adventures.

This series of stories present all that you’ll find in the games. Sapkowski recounts Geralt’s silver blade with which he murders the beasts of enchantment, he delineates the regularly degenerate governments that dwell all through the world, and we meet a troupe of characters. These incorporate Dandelion (otherwise known as Jaskier), an artist companion of Geralt who is hearing these stories we’re encountering, Yennifer, a sorceress with whom Geralt starts a pained relationship, and Triss, additionally a sorceress, a companion of Geralt yet, in addition, the third purpose of the Geralt, Yennifer and Triss love triangle.

The second short story assortment, Sword of Destiny, must follow in light of the fact that it’s here we meet Ciri, and every story happens straightforwardly before the principle books.

What’s the perusing request of The Witcher books?

The Last Wish

Blade of Destiny

Period of Storms (discretionary; clarified beneath)

Blood of Elves

Time of Contempt

Rite of passage

The Tower of the Swallow

The Lady of the Lake

Following the short stories, you would believe it’s ideal to peruse the remainder of the books in the request they were distributed, however an ongoing release, Season of Storms, really happens inside the tales of The Last Wish. To be completely forthright, it’s just worth perusing Season of Storms in the event that you need to encounter everything The Witcher brings to the table, as the occasions that happen are not indispensable to the principle circular segment—however it plants a few seeds of what’s to come in the remainder of the arrangement.

Away from the books, it’s additionally worth perusing The World of the Witcher, which is an abstract of data made legitimately by CD Projekt Red. It’s a delightfully outlined expansion to the arrangement that contains all that you’ll need to think about beasts, weapons, individuals and spots. Be cautioned, however, it highlights spoilers for the games and the books.

There is an assigned Witcher 3: Wild Hunt craftsmanship book however it is quite uncommon as it was discharged uniquely with authority’s versions. One to pay special mind to, however; I realize I generally do. Also, there’s yet more work of art accessible currently following the arrival of the Gwent game, as it also now has its own craft book: The Art of the Witcher: Gwent Gallery Collection. Also, to complete the workmanship side of things off, there’s a Witcher Adult Coloring Book that will keep you involved long into the night, giving your preferred characters novel outfits and painting your own Witcher pictures.

The Witcher realistic books

Besides the short stories and books, realistic books from Dark Horse Comics have been discharged. While not composed by Sapkowski, the funnies work superbly of adding additional items to as of now released stories, in addition to they look extraordinary as the workmanship brings out the dreadful topics of the books and games. Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 all incorporate a few stories each, while an examined Library Edition packs everything in one.

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to understand them in the event that I’ve played the games?

More or less, in light of the fact that they’re acceptable books and an incredible method to get more Witcher in you. They are fun, available peruses with a quick pace. Obviously, it relies upon your own preferences, however, for the most part, the books and short stories are acceptable fun. It is anything but difficult to state “well, much like movies, the books are better,” yet that isn’t commonly the situation here, as the games give you a superior perspective on the activity inside this setting, while as yet conveying a truly incredible story.

Perusing the books will, in any case, give you a superior feeling of the world, tissue out a greater amount of the cast,

and make a more grounded bond among yourself and the circumstances in the legend. Characters are drawn with more profundity, and albeit a significant part of the plot will be known to you in the event that you played the games, the books fill in little holes to a great extent.

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