How To Watch 18 Again KDrama?

Today we are going to talk about another K Drama known as 18 Again. This drama has one of the most ingenious plots ever created for TV. In this piece we are going to talk about this drama and tell you where you can watch it.


The show came back in the second half of 2020. Since then it has managed to get a lot of attention. South Korean shows manage to do this because of their interesting takes on the daily lives of people. They tend to have ingenious plots and settings which play with the viewers’ mind. And we have to say that this show is no exception. We have all imagined going back in time and correcting a few of our mistakes. We have all been asked the question on what would you change about yourself had you had the chance.


18 Again: What if you get the chance to do so?

Think about the question which we had posed to you earlier. Because this the working plot of the movie. We are shown a middle aged man who is father of 18 year old twins. We can see that he is not happy with his life. And then the most terrible thing happens and loses his job. All he can think is about where he went wrong.

After this, he gets an opportunity to go back in time and correct his mistake. He is transformed into his 18 year old self. The whole drama deals with him trying to figure out where he went wrong. He is getting a second lease on life. The drama is based on him trying to effectuate change into his life. The show is based on the American movie 17 Again.

18 Again: Where to watch?

We know that the plot is enough to have you on your heels. You can stream it on Netflix.