How To Watch Because I Love You Korean Movie?

Because I Love You is a Korean drama which was released on January 4th, 2021. Although it has been a while since the movie has dropped, one can watch the movie if they want. Now, this is not the original name for the movie. The actual title of the movie is Saranghagi Ttaemoone.


Because I Love You has been directed by Joo Ji-hoong and has been produced by Cha Ji-Hyun. The company behind production is AD406. This is the company which belongs to Cha Tae-Hyun’s brother.


Because I Love You: What is the movie?

If you love romantic dramas, then you are going to love this movie. Why? Because this is one of those movies, which teaches us the importance of the concept itself. Now, the story of the movie revolves around the male protagonist, which is Lee-Hyung.

While going to propose to his girlfriend, he is met with an unfortunate accident. Now, he manages to survive the accident but not in the best of circumstances. We have to say that this is where the movie gets doozy. He wakes up into a teenage girls’ body. He ends up being confused and lost about what he has to do next. Lee starts to face several problems after he beings to understand the body in which he finds himself.

Because I Love You: Where to watch online?

Now, there are several platforms on which you can watch the movie. One of them is on Rakuten Viki. The problem that you might face while trying to watch is that these movies are available only in specific areas. So, you might need to use a VPN in order to stream these movies.

Another problem which can arise is that you need to pay subscription charges to these streaming services in order to watch the movie.

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