How To Watch Big Brother 2021?

It seems that CBS is making a come back of its popular reality show Big Brother. The show will be coming back for its 23rd season this time. Big Brother is perhaps one of the most famous and popular reality shows of all time. Many countries have different versions of this show and each one of them are equally popular.


As you all may know, the concept of this game is very interesting. Herein complete strangers who have never even seen each other are thrown together to live in a house. Then situations are created and observed of how conflict arises between them in the house.


Big Brother: What is the concept?

Okay so since the show is about to make a comeback, we thought it will be good if we refresh your memory. So, the show will take a bunch of strangers and throw them inside an house together. They will have no contact with the outside world. They are required to wear mics at all time.

Moreover, they are observed at all points in times through cameras. The whole house is fitted with cameras. Moreover, the mics do not allow them to whisper. The only way to have a private conversation is to go into the “Diary Room” where conversations are confidential.

Now, each week one person gets disqualified. And, the person who gets till the last manages to take $500,000 home.

Big Brother: How to watch it?

The first episode of Big Brother has already aired and came on July 7th, 2021. The following episode will be coming out on July 11th, 2021. Hence, for those who want to watch, make sure to turn onto the CBS Channel.

Now, for all the people who do not have the cable, they can log on to the official CBS website. Here, you can stream from the live feed.