Hubie Halloween – Know Everything About Adam Sandler’s Upcoming Netflix Film!

Hubie Halloween is an upcoming comedy film that will be directed by Steven Brill and will be co-produced and co-written by Adam Sandler.


The official trailer has been released on September 10, 2020. The trailer will surely make you want to watch the movie right now. It suggests the film to be a hugely fun family movie with a light tone, straight forward and fun story. There will be a touch of thrill and horror to keep the viewers engaged.


So here’s what we know so far about Hubie Halloween, including the release date, cast, plot, and the latest updates.

Hubie Halloween – When will it release?

The upcoming film Hubie Halloween is scheduled to release on Netflix on October 7, 2020.

Hubie Halloween – What will be the cast?

The following is the cast list of the upcoming American comedy film –

  • Adam Sandler as Hubie DuBois
  • Julie Bowen as Violet Valentine
  • Kevin James as Officer Steve Downing
  • Maya Rudolph as one of Hubie’s two old classmates
  • Steve Buscemi as Hubie’s neighbour
  • Ray Liotta
  • Rob Schneider
  • Kenan Thompson
  • Michael Chiklis
  • Paris Berelc as Megan
  • June Squibb as Mrs. Dubois
  • Noah Schnapp as Tommy Valentine
  • Tim Meadows as one of Hubie’s two old classmates

Hubie Halloween – What will be the potential storyline?

The official synopsis of the upcoming film has been revealed. The story will revolve around Hubie DuBois, who thanklessly spends every Halloween doing the same thing. That is he makes sure the residents of his hometown Salem celebrate safely and abide by the rules.

But this year, an escaped criminal and a mysterious new neighbour makes Hubie suspicious and on high alert. People of his hometown started to disappear. So it’s up to him to convince the police (Kevin James and Kenan Thompson) along with his townsfolk, that the monsters are real and that only he can stop them.


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