Hunger Games Prequel: Production starting in 2022

Hunger Games Prequel

It seems that Hunger Games Prequel will be starting production in the year 2022. It will be based on The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. If you do not know this is another novel by Susan Collins. Hence, in this article, we are going to talk about all you need to know about this new prequel to the story of Hunger Games.


This entire fact was confirmed by Joe Drake who is the chairman of Lionsgate films. Lionsgate will be producing the film and it was revealed during their quarterly financial review. It was further revealed that the movie will be coming sometime in 2023 and or early 2024.


Now, it was said that the financial expectations of the company were met. But, the overall fiscal performance did not look so good. One of the reasons behind the same was the overall subscription rate of STARZ which did not look so good. They have cited the reasons such as reopening up of economy and the movie revenues were not up to the mark. But, they have also said that they are hoping for better performance in the 2022 fiscal year.

Hunger Games Prequel: More information

Hunger Games franchise has performed well across box offices. It has yielded about $3 billion for the company. “There’s an audience that wants to come back”. […] “I believe the market’s going to come back. … There’s going to be a strong, robust platform for us to monetize our movies.”. Hence, it can be said that they are aiming for a theatrical release for the Hunger Games Prequel.

About the script it has been said that it will focus on the life of Coriolanus Snow. It will showcase him at the age of 18 and how he became the president of Panem. Although his family is fallen at a hard time, they are hoping for better things as he is appointed as a mentor for 10th Hunger Games.