I am not okay with this season 2- How did the previous story end? How will the story continue?

I am not okay with this season 2, Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This is a TV show that releases the intensity and intensity of a teenage, high-school going girl. She’s 17. Her father killed himself a year ago, she moved to a crappy town in Pennsylvania, and her feelings are so solid they are erupting out of her.


As she calls herself “a boring 17-year-old white girl” the show at first depicts her to be socially awkward and to some degree weird. As the story unfolds, it shows deep emotional issues related to the loss of her father who committed suicide and her not-so-cordial relationship with her mother.


The science among Sydney and Dina shows sexual tension with elements of homosexuality. Then again, there is another odd holding among Sydney and Stanley who are both socially awkward, got family issues yet share an enchanting relationship. Teenage romance and the beginning of immaturity are fascinatingly converged in the scenes.


I Am Not Okay With This also shows the disarray of puberty, moving away from old friends as grown-up life dominates and young adult relationships too. Truth be told, the parts managing her superpowers are the dullest parts of the show, even though the end of season 1 shows that the upcoming season will concentrate on that perspective closely. The capacity to feature the supernatural power as a statement of young tension and rage, and keeping in mind that the capacity in itself is something is shown very well and when Syd attempts to keep it a secret, the anger appears to be notable, with Syd being approached to go to the school counselor for help. It is here that she is approached to record her sentiments in a journal and the entire story turns into Syd’s letters to her journal, depicting every episode and what she is feeling.

While we’ll cheerfully trust that the new season will be out soon, we’d be more excited with an increasingly adjusted ending rather than all the questions and queries that arose at the end of Season 1. Hope we get our answers in I am not okay with this season 2!

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