IFC Films has acquired ‘Dear Santa’ a documentary about the U.S. Post Office’s ‘Operation Santa’

‘Dear Santa’ is a documentary about the U.S. Post office’s Operation Santa. Chelsea Matter, Christopher Karpenko, Brendan Gaul and Nachman are the producers of the film.

Here are all recent updates about the upcoming documentary’ Dear Santa’.

Arianna Bocco is the EVP of acquisitions and productions at IFC films said that they are delighted to partner with Dana and this partnership puts a spotlight on ‘Operation Santa’. He further added that Dana reminds the importance of the community and assures that the movie will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Dear Santa is scheduled to release on 4 December 2020 during the holiday season.  The film is directed by Dana Nachman and will be released by IFC Films. Fana has directed many other documentaries in the past including “Pick of the Litter”, and ” Batkid Begins”.

IFC Films has acquired ‘Dear Santa

What is Operation Santa?

Operation Santa is a programme that directs the letters to those hands who can make kid’s Christmas wishes come true. These letters are written by kids to Santa. And it seems that IFC films have taken the North American rights to the documentary. It’s been 100 years that the post office has run the program. It filters all the letters to Santa and directs them to Operation Santa centres. These thousands of letters are delivered not only in New York City but in those small towns also where the post office is the heart of the community. And from there, these letters are delivered to strangers who want to help the needy. They send them toys and fulfil their Christmas wish.

Dear Santa points out the value of this American tradition. And the documentary will allow you to think about how you can lend a helping hand to the community in order to make the world a better place to live in.


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