Immigration Nation: Everything about Netflix original limited time series

Immigration Nation is a television documentary series directed by Christina Clusiau and Shaul Schwarz. The series consists of footage and interviews from 3 year Presidency period of Trump. It captures the work of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency during this period


Release Date of Immigration Nation:


The series includes 6 episodes each with a running time of 60 minutes. It was released on Netflix on 3 August 2020. This docu-series is produced by Reel Peak Films. The filmmakers had to face legal threats. ICE sought to delay the release until U.S. 2020 elections. The series shows the inhumanity and unconscionable cruelty of the agency’s tactics.


Netflix’s Immigration Nation brings about the gruesome policies of the Trump Administration. This series captivates the audience by showing tem the harsh policies of U.S. Immigration and the consequences faced by the general public. The internal functioning of the department is revealed with its tactics in the Trump Era.

The series censors important portions of the U.S. Immigration policies and has put itself into a thick soup meddled up with Trump Administration. We all know that the immigration policies of Trump have been criticised by the world. Numerous immigrants have been deported creating fear and terror in the minds of people. ICE has deported countless immigrants and separated them from their families due to lack of documents.

This 6 hour series in each episode depicts the problems faced by immigrants and showcases different issues and the bias policies in the Trump Era.  There has been no relief in these policies in the pandemic in-fact they have become more rigid.

Under Trump’s Administration ICE has grown a lot. There has been an upsurge in the number of arrests and deports in his three-year presidency. For a matter of fact in the first three offices, years of Barack Obama 1.8 million people were deported whereas under Trump administration 800,000 people have been deported. Many immigrants have been arrested only with the first year of Donald Trump’s Presidency. ICE is expanding over and over with a large number of recruiters trained with deporting and detaining.


The cast of Immigration Nation :

The series is narrated by Deborah Kennedy. Other cast members are Frankie Holden, Aldo Mignone, and Tim Draxl.

Through Immigration Nation directors have tried to educate the audience about the difficulties faced by the immigrants. They are arrested and confined to a certain place. It is gut-wrenching to see the immigrants go through such hardships. Schwarz had gained unprecedented access to ICE and CBP operations and drew the entire sketch of Trump Administration. They have worked on it for almost three years.

Immigration Nation exposed the horrors of ICE and and reaffirms the need for its abolishment. This series is a must watch for everyone to unleash the social terror of Trump Administration.

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