Impeachment: American Crime story: Trailer out!


Impeachment: American Crime Story will be the new addition to this amazing TV series on the various scandals and crimes that have taken place in recent past. It has not been a long period since the Clinton administration was shook after the allegations came out. This new show will be dealing with the fantastic retelling of the tale that shook the nation to its core. Therefore, let us talk about it.


Impeachment will be third chapter in this amazing anthology series by FX studios. Now, everyone knows the series for the amazing portrayal of the OJ Simpson trial. This got a lot of attention in the past. After this they also ended up exploring the murder of Gianni Versace. Now, it seems that they will be taking the conspiracy of Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton scandal. Moreover, it has been revealed that several A-list actors have been pulled to play the various characters in the show.


Impeachment: American Crime Story – The various actors

In this show Clive Owen will be playing the character of former President Bill Clinton. It has been revealed that Billy Eichner will be playing the role of Matt Drudge. But, the most important question of all is who is going to be playing Monica Lewinsky. Well, it has been revealed that the character of Lewinsky will be played by Beanie Feldstein.

Now, let us get down to the accuracy of the story itself. Further, it has been revealed that Monica has been approached to comment on the story itself. She will be providing the details of the story. Hopefully, it will help in making the story even more accurate. You would be surprised to know that she is also credited as a co-producer in the show itself.

Therefore, it will be good watch for the days to come.