Indian Matchmaking: Is season 2 canceled at Netflix? Know more!

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 canceled

Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Itis one of the most controversial shows on Netflix. With its release on July 16, the show has been the topic of many memes and jokes over the internet. Love it or hate it. You can’t deny that the series has gained a wide viewership.


The streaming giant Netflix has become a host for soapy dating shows like Too Hot to Handel, Love is Blind and of course, the Indian Matchmaking, which is infused with the traditional Indian practice of arranged marriage.


Despite the negative comments about the series, Netflix is likely to give a green light for a second season as it attracted a high audience score.

When would the Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking come on Netflix?

As you might know, Season 1 of Indian Matchmaking ended on a cliffhanger with Richa not yet meeting her match. The final episode ended with her telling Sima Tiparia about the qualities she wants in a husband.

The Oscar-nominated director of the show Smriti Mundra has told Oprah Magazine that this was their little wink to Netflix to give them another season.

As the series is shot in two different countries- the US and India; it would be difficult to shoot the series now, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With no confirmation yet been made by Netflix and difficulty in shootings it is not possible to know the date of release yet.

The distinctive aspect of Indian Match Making Season 2(If it does happen)

While the main format of the show is likely to remain the same, Smriti has also told the Oprah Magazine that the show would likely feature a more diverse cast. She hopes that doing so will address the criticism that the show picked up during season 1 around the issues of colorism, classism, casteism, and sexism.

When Smriti was asked by Decider about whether she has thought of diversifying the show’s concept by introducing same-sex couples she replied that it is possible that the scope of Tripati clientele expands into same-sex couples and all different kinds of people.

Season 2 might bring on some changes with it but the one thing that would not change is that Sima Triparia would resume her post as the glorified matchmaker.

In a nutshell- No! The season 2 of Indian Matchmaking has not been canceled however Netflix has not yet made any confirmation for a second season.


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