Interceptor Movie Release Date, Cast, And Everything You should Know !

Interceptor Movie will be available on Netflix soon! Every genre has a different type of audience that show varied levels of interest in different genres, and when it comes to humour and animation, fantasy and adventure, and romance, these genres tend to attract the most viewers. I’m sorry, did I miss something? Duh…! Sure, I did! I didn’t mention action and thriller films, which occupy a large and growing audience, and the most anticipated action and thriller film, “Interceptor,” will be released on Netflix in 2022.



The major lead parts in the series will be played by Elsa Pataky and this person, Luke Bracey.

The directing will be much larger, even in terms of the depth of the action, and it will also be incredibly exhilarating since Matthew Reilly is involved.

Can We Come To An Agreement On Interceptor’s Story?

There is a Military Intelligence officer from the United States named Kessel, who is so cruel that he wants to destroy our main lead’s missile base, and our main lead is Captain JJ Collins, who wants her nuclear missile interceptor site, which requires assistance in order to be secure against the threats made to Captain JJ Collins on attacking the base.

And the plot culminates in this position, in which captain JJ Collins seeks to safeguard her base from all of the attacks that Kessel has threatened.

If you’ve been wondering when we’ll be streaming, now you know!

This interceptor series, which will be about the background of missiles, will premiere on June 3rd, 2022, and among the list of the Super cute and Super wanted series, there is also one called “Interceptor,” which must be added to the list of the series that we will be watching in June as it is a must-watch action thriller.

Interceptor Movie Cast : 

  • Elsa Pataky, as our missile woman and the main lead, will be as impressive as Captain JJ
  • Collins.
  • Luke Bracey, who plays Alexander Kessel, is also in the film.
  • Glenane, Aaron
  • Mayen Mehta,
  • Paul Caesar
  • Johnson, Marcus

All of the above information is provided in regards to the amazing action – thriller film that will be released in the first week of June, and let us all hope that this picture will be a super big blockbuster that will attract a large audience and a large number of lovers!

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