Into the night season 2-How did the previous season end?

Into the Night Season 2

Into the night season 2 – Are you also now fan of “Into the night” series?? So, here is a good news for you all! The series is coming up with it’s sequel soon.


Belgium’s first Netflix original, Into the night season 2 is coming. The dystopian drama sets up a very different from Season 1. In the last season, Terenzio (Stefano Cassetti) created terror in the cast’s lives. And Season 1 based on a book written by Jacek Dukaj.


The story of the series is all about a plane full of passengers. It travels at night to escape its destructive power and find some place safe . However, hints are given by the book.

What happened in end of season 1 of Into the Night?

The last episode, Episode 6, a plane was hijacked in Brussels. Terenzio took command of the aircraft, after a solar event started killing every living who being exposed to the Sun. In order to stay in the dark for as long as possible, the team risk heading west to land in Bulgaria. There, they manage to do only 30 minutes before sunrise.

Into the night season 2

What was the main plan?

Unfortunately, it’s a survival plan to the mass radiation event is being hatched. At the very ending, splitting in two, the passengers of the plane head towards the survivors community for being safe.

However, when the Sun rises, means he is exposed to the same radiation that has killed most of the world. He left behind and now he will not be seen in Season 2.

Into the night season 2: Release date and Cast

The second season of Into the Night now going to premiere on Netflix in late 2021. Earlier, the release date was 24 April 2020, but due to global situation of COVID-19 it’s delayed. However, the trailer is available, you can have a look to know more!!

Netflix decides to renew the show and the main characters were going to reprise their roles:

  • Sylvie Bridgette Dubois as Pauline Etienne
  • Mathieu Daniel Douek as Laurent Capelluto
  • Terenzio Matteo Gallo as Stefano Cassetti
  • Ayaz Kobanbay as Mehmet Kurtulus
  • Laura Djalo as Babetida Sadjo

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