Is MCU Releasing Any Movies In 2020? WillIt Lose Its Momentum? Know More!

MCU Movies 2020

MCU Movies: The most anticipated movie Black Widow now shifted to 2021, hence there’s long break prior the superheroes of MCU comeback.


All you need to know about MCU’s new projects lined up for 2020 and 2021!

MCU confirmed that in the year 2020 there will be no Marvel movies releasing as the Black Widow’s premiere date got delayed. Since 2009, this would be for the first time that Marvel won’t be releasing any of its new movie in a year.


However, inspite of COVID-19 outbreak WandaVision series would be still releasing on Disney plus by the end of the year, 2020. Apparently, this would be the biggest gap in MCU’s world famous blockbusters.
Moreover, Star Wars movies had many times long years pause and still the movies managed to attract audiences worldwide. Undoubtedly, MCU movies are a lot more different. The demand of MCU films have been in the momentum as the films are released in every few months gap, which keeps the thrill and excitement high in the fans, as a result the cinema is jam packed with people to see the newest superhero stories.


Usually, in the post credit scenes in most of the MCU movies climax, they come up with a teaser of upcoming movies and spin-offs. These teasers are very popular and it enhances the enjoyment of watching a Marvel movie, along with visualising about the upcoming movie.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe business depends highly upon the audience and fans wanting to see the future movie almost like a TV personality entering the big screen. Hence, such a big pause can alter the must-watch routine of the people.

This type of extended wait could break the intensity of audience to watch the marvel movies as the audience have already been doing good without it for two years.
Anyways, there’s a still possibility the audiences around the world would love to enter the cinema hall and watch movies once the situation comes to normal.


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