Is the Disney+ movie ‘The One and Only Ivan’ based on true story?


The One and Only Ivan: If we tell you that the plot of the story is a chimpanzee learning art and attempts to escape captivity, it would be doubtful you to believe that it is based on real events.


But if you believe it or not, the story of the one and only Ivan is a true story. So there are some Liberty taken to add some more drama, but still, the information is purely on real events.


The one and only Ivan is based on an award-winning novel, Ivan. The novel is about a gorilla named Ivan, who spent 27 years performing at an indoor shopping mall.

Story of Ivan

The story revolves around a Gorilla name Ivan when he and his twin sister got captured as an infant in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo and transported to the US. Sadly his sister died en route.

And he was adopted by a Departmental Store and spent a lot of time there raising as a pet. After some time, he was too big kept in a Departmental Store and moved to a department store in Tacoma, Washington, which also housed all sorts of other animals.

The One and Only Ivan

And then he spent 27 years in the mall and was known to smoking and eating hamburgers but soon people’s perception towards keeping Gorilla away from species is not ethical. And after a TV show, the urban Gorilla, showing the situation of gorilla Ivan’s problem, also gets highlighted, and people start demanding to set him free.

In 1995, From the circus mall, he went into Zoo in Atlanta, Georgia. And when Ivan went out of the mall, the mall Got bankrupt. Following the years, he lived in the zoo and became a star. He and his paintings we’re the attraction in the zoo. In the year 2012, when he turned 50, he died, but his story stayed with us. And inspired Katherine Applegate to write a novel on this.

The release date for the one and only Ivan

On 21st August 2020, Friday, the film will be streaming on Disney + Hotstar.


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