Is The King of Staten Island are pretty similar to Pete Davidson’s own personal life

Pete Davidson’s predetermination was set when he was a child.


His dad, Scott, a fireman with the FDNY’s Ladder 118 in Brooklyn Heights, was a major fanatic of standup satire.


“[Pete] saw that standup fulfilled his dad,” Cris Italia, Pete’s previous supervisor, disclosed to The Post. A long time after Scott passed on 9/11 — when Pete was only 7 years of age — “that [memory] was what drove Pete. That was the reason he was in clubs at 16. He should have been there.”

It’s additionally why he searched out a tutor during his youngster years, as he ricocheted among three secondary schools — St. Joseph-by-the-Sea and Tottenville on Staten Island, and Xaverian in Brooklyn — in light of what a source calls “conduct issues.”

“My little girl went to Tottenville High School with Pete,” Craig Loydgren, a Staten Island-based comic, disclosed to The Post. “He stood up to her one day and stated, ‘Your father is a standup comic. Would I be able to meet him?’ ”


Lundgren was promptly stricken by Pete’s character just as his ability and set him up for his first open mike at an improvised satire club in the rear of a Staten Island bowling alley.

You knew there was something a little extraordinary about him. I told his mother he had the ‘It’ factor,” said Lundgren.

Be that as it may, Loydgren was something beyond a profession start for Pete. He was likewise a dad figure.

Humorist Dan Soder, who plays Dudley on “Billions,” was additionally intrigued by Pete’s adolescent ability.

“I saw Pete smoking a cigarette,” Soder recollected of recognizing the then-16-year-old at the Dugout satire club on Staten Island.

That film, “The King of Staten Island,” accessible Friday on request, is in any event somewhat self-portraying, with Pete featuring as an adorable and cumbersome victim of-jokes pothead attempting to manage intense subject matters while scanning for a spot on the planet.


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