Is there a possibility of a movie adaptation of the Canadian Sitcom Schitt’s Creek ? Know more!

Canadian Sitcom Schitt’s Creek

The famous Canadian sitcom TV series Schitt’s Creek’  which aired on CBC Television may gets the chance of appearing on the big screens as a film, How when and why this news came off, all these questions will be answered in this article below.


Possibility For Movie Adaptation Of The Canadian Sitcom Schitt’s Creek’

It all happened at the virtual backstage area of Ceremony, where the co-producer as well as the star cast for the famous sitcom series Daniel Levy gave his hints for the movie adaptation of the series.


He stated that the final season had been the best shot for ending the show, after saying this he further added that he probably would bring the show back again on right time and for right idea. He further told that, He is hoping with crossed fingers, for getting a good idea in their minds, He told that he will love to work again with the associated people of the show again. He said that the show was a marvelous experience for them.

Schitt's Creek

We positively hope this news to be true so that we could be able to see our favorite show back and more exciting on a film format.

Schitt’s Creek: About Series

The series is about The wealthy Rose family who incurred a big loss in their business after the fraud of their business manager. Then only thing which was left with them was a a small town whose name is Schitt’s Creek which was a gift of the owners for his child David brought in the year 1991,with which they had the only option with them to again make their lives.

The Rose family gets shifted to Schitt’s Creek, while living in two rooms in a lodging area. Being adjusting in the small area, there they address tussles with their new neighbors.


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