Isaiah Stokes: ‘Law and Order’ Actor is being indicted for murder

Law and Order is one of the biggest shows of all time. It seems that one of the cast members, Isaiah Stokes has been caught in some trouble. A jury has sought to indict Mr. Stokes for shooting a man in Jamaica, Queens in Florida. We shall be dealing with some of the statements that have been made.


The statements made by Queen DA is important to see. She has said that he has been accused of unloading eleven shots during this shooting which took place in the afternoon. There are also statements given by her in the press release itself. She went on to say that the level of gun violence in the neighbourhoods has been rising consistently and attempts have to be made in order to stop it.


Isaiah Stokes: What is going to happen now?

Arraignment has happened for Mr. Stokes and he was brought before Justice Kenneth Holder. He has been charged with one count of murder in the second degree. He has also been indicted with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. Mr. Stokes faces about 25 years in prison and his sentencing has been set for July 19th.

Talking about the people who represent the defendant, they have denied to comment on the same. Let us talk about the charges itself and how they came to be.

Video footage had surfaced that the defendant had approached the vehicle which was a Jeep Grand Cherokee and fired 11 shots which ended up fatally injuring Tyrone Jones. When asked about the motive behind the shooting, the enforcement agencies have said that they have not been able to find out a motive.

The career of Isaiah Stokes had started to fly after 2006. His credits include Law and Order, Boardwalk Empire and other shows such as Louie, The Americans and Blue Bloods.

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