Jack Osbourne Talks About The New Ozzy Osbourne Documentary

A fresh Ozzy Osbourne documentary is releasing next week and Jack Osbourne, the metal legend’s son shared details in a new interview.


All About The New Ozzy Osbourne Documentary!

The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne is a biographical film, which is scheduled to premiere on Monday, 7th September 2020 on A&E. The film depicts the life story of Ozzy Osbourne right from childhood, early life to the present day.


It will also revolve around Black Sabbath’s career, his embarrassing incidents on stage, his drugs and alcoholism, his tempestuous relationship with his wife Sharon, the start of Ozzfest, and much more.

The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne also throws light on some of the extremely controversial times of Ozzy’s life, including the moment, when he was arrested on ‘attempted to murder charges’ for choking his wife Sharon, during his drug and alcohol addiction in 1989.

Jack Osbourne, who serves as an executive producer of the documentary, spoke about having to recollect those difficult bad times as a producer and as a member of the family.

Ozzy Osbourne documentary

While talking about his new documentary Jack Osbourne said, “When you look at it from the point of view of a producer, you think, ‘oh my god, it’s great we got this on camera”. At the same time, “When you think, that’s my parents, my mom, and dad going through the worst of thing”.

Jack added: He tried to remove himself from the picture and just focused on the content, which his team was working for…he further said, ”When you look at it from a more human side, that’s messed up that it happened”.

Later, in the interview, Jack also discussed about the Ozzfest impact on the metal world and also stated that Ozzfest is the biggest achievement for Sharon(his mother).


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