Jameela Jamil says Meghan Markle is a victim of ‘White Patriarchal Media’

Jameela Jamil who is the first BBC Radio’s solo female presenter had taken a stand for Meghan Markle. The NBC’s series The Good Place Fame Actress had made her friendship with Meghan back in 2019 after making their appearance in a British Special Edition of Vogue magazine in which Meghan Markle was the guest editor.
Jamil has been spotted out, defending Meghan Markle on the social media platform.


Jameela Jamil Addresses Meghan Markle As A Victim Of ‘White Patriarchal  Media’

Jameela Jamil had posted a tweet defending Meghan by calling the media as a colonizing spirit and Meghan Markle as a victim of it. The actress made her tweet just after the post of her visit to to the Montecito home of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, The Duchess and Duke of Sussex


Jameela Jamil Supports Meghan Markle For Her Voting Comments

The actress had earlier became a shield and given support to Meghan when Piers Morgan, who is British broadcaster had stated the former actress to remove her title of Royal Dutchess because she addressed a video call with Michelle Obama for All Women vote campaign and had also encouraged Women to bring reform and admit their democratic rights.

For which even the Columnist Dan Wooten had stated both Prince Harry and Meghan to remove their titles and should not make the Monarchy embarrassed.
At that time, Jamil came as a support for her, stating that the monarchy would be more embarrassed by the alleged Pedophile resident Prince Andrew who was linked with Jeffrey Epstein, who is a sex trafficker for having a friendship with her instead of An American who is supporting women voting in her country and was imparting the significance of democracy

The Sun had cooked up several stories on her visit to the Montecito home pointing both of them as best friends and falsifying rumors of them for quarantining together.
For which Jameela Jamie had posted a tweet calling the stories nonsensical and false. She also mentioned her purpose of going to California which is just for a romantic getaway with her boyfriend and musician James Blake.

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