James Veitch pulled out from HBO following rape allegations


James Veitch pulled out from HBO: HBO has been great for comedy shows since the beginning of time.


Recently, They have pulled a comedy special by James Veitch due to the number of sexual assault and rape allegations.


Veitch is accused of sexual assault by multiple former graduates who reconnected after learning about his HBO Max special.

How did it all happen?

On 23rd July, Meghan Klien, post-production supervisor, and a huge comedy fan saw an article about an upcoming HBO Max special featuring a comic named James Veitch.

Klien had not known Veitch when she was 22 and was a senior at Sarah Lawrence College in the year 2009.

At that time, he was a graduate student reaching 30.

Seeing the news of the comedy special made her upset and angry. Klien tweeted-

“It was common knowledge to stay away from him when I was an undergraduate…It makes my skin crawl to see someone like that succeed knowing how much he violated my classmates. #creep”

Then she reconsidered as she never really had verified the stories that she heard.

She texted a former classmate to ask to inquire about Veitch. Her classmate inquired further from college friends.

Thus, an extraordinary organizing effort began which ultimately led to more than a dozen women come forward.

She says, “Our little network started bringing in stories left and right. In just a couple of days, I think I got three stories of rape and two of assault. What kept me going was my connection to these women- every woman that I talked to that day, I knew personally.”

James Veitch

Veitch’s reaction to the allegations

He declined all the comments and allegations, while according to the report, a source said he denies all allegations.

Watching the increasing number of people voicing against Veitch, his comedy special has been removed from the platform.


Veitch has also been dropped by his agency WME and is set to be edited from the Quibi series that he was hosting.

The allegations were laid out in a long-form story which was published on Tuesday, from THR Kim Masters, who spoke to a number of alums of Sarah Lawrence College (where Veitch studied).

He spoke to them about the attacks and incidents that occurred there during the time he was present there.

An HBO spokeswoman said, “ we were deeply disturbed to learn these allegations of unacceptable behavior by James Veitch and will be removing the special from our platform for now”.

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