Jamestown Season 4 Something Intresting Is Here

Jamestown Season 4: Jamestown first released back in 2017. It is a British series which has 3 seasons till now. It is produced by Carnival films and written by Bill Gallagher. Jamestown is a British drama and it revolves around English Settlers. They were trying to establish new communities in the USA. Jamestown is inspired by real and original stories that have happened years ago. In the making of the show, advice and ideas were taken by the Native Americans.


Jamestown Season 4


Who all were in Season 3?

  • Naomi Battrick as Jocelyn Woodbryg
  • Max Beesley as Henry Sharrow
  • Dean Lennox Kelly as Meredith Rutter
  • Steven Waddington as Thomas Redwick
  • Sophie Rundle as Alice Kett
  • Niamh Walsh as Verity Bridges
  • Matt Stokoe as James Read
  • Gwilym Lee as Samuel Castell
  • Jason Flemyng as Sir George Yeardley
  • Claire Cox as Temperance Flowerdew, Lady Yeardley
  • Burn Gorman as Nicholas Farlow
  • Patsy Ferran as Mercy Myrtle
  • Kalani Queypo as Chacrow
  • Raoul Trujillo as Opechancanough
  • Luke Roskell as Pepper Sharrow
  • Ben Starr as Dr. Christopher Priestley
  • Tony Pitts as Edgar Massinger
  • Ben Batt as Willmus Crabtree
  • Harry Grasby as Tamlin Apple day
  • Abubakar Salim as Pedro
  • Abiola Ogunbiyi as Maria
  • Rachel Colwell as Winganuske

Renewal Status

The third season of Jamestown released in 2019 and soon after the release fans laid eyes on Season 4. But at the time of the release of the third Season Cameron Roach who is the director of the show has mentioned that it will be going to be the last and the final chapter. Many fans have tied with the show and have emotional attachment find it very disappointing. However, While Skyon has officially cancelled the show and it won’t come back.

But who knows what happens in the future. The show might get some adaptation or a spinoff for the love of fans. Till then you can watch the 3 Seasons of Jamestown.


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