Jamie Foxx’s Project Power: A Sequel In Works? Writer Thinks It’s Possible

Jamie Foxx’s ‘Project Power’ has just hit number 1 on Netflix’s Top 10 list after the movie was released on Netflix this weekend.
Project Power is the type of fantasy that gets the fans hooked right from the first minute. It’s basically a superhero movie but with limits. The limit here is 5 minutes. Yes. Anyone in the movie can be a superhero for 5 minutes if they take a pill. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? You can watch this unique film starring Oscar winner Jami Foxx on Netflix. However, the movie did end on a cliffhanger, and fans are now wondering will the Netflix Original has a sequel.


Will there be a sequel?

Project Power did finish its story in a relatively neat fashion. However, the ending still teased that there might be some serious ramifications moving forward. Project Power was just released last week, so it will probably take a while before we hear anything about sequel plans.
But since the movie is as successful as the other Netflix Original movie Extraction, it is expected we will see a sequel of both these films.


Project Power

What is Project Power about?

The movie follows up on Art, AKA The Major, an ex-soldier who’s on a one-man mission to rescue his missing daughter Tracy, who was kidnapped by a syndicate selling drugs which will turn its consumers into super-powered human beings, but just for 5 minutes!
This power pill, which also has deadly side effects, is being tested by the syndicate in the streets of New Orleans before Biggie and his cohorts can begin distributing the drug all across America.

Who are the lead and supporting actors in Project Power?

The Project Power cast is headed up by Jamie Foxx, who takes on the lead role of Art/The Major. He is joined by other lead actors like Joseph Gordon Levitt, who plays Frank Shaver, and Dominique Fishback, who plays Robin Reilly.
Other supporting actors include Machine Gun Kelly as Newt, Rodrigo Santoro as Biggie, Amy Landecker as Gardner, and Allen Maldonado as Landry.


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