Jane Garvey Leaves Woman’s Hour And Moves On To Her Own New Radio 4 Show From 2021!!!

Jane Garvey

Jane Garvey: Radio 4 listeners are left ‘shattered’ when Jane Garvey declared that she is leaving ‘Woman’s Hour’ few weeks after Dame Jenni Murray told everyone that she was quitting the show.
Garvey, now 56 years old, will quit by the end of 2020. She will host interview series on BBC Radio 4 on her own in 2021.
She has been working on Woman’s Hour for 13 years and has interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars.


After she announced her departure, she came across a flood of despair from listeners. They asked her if she is leaving because the show is trying to seize a younger audience.
She answered a fan on Twitter saying that she is leaving partly because it would be much much easier to stay. She further continued that Woman’s Hour will always have an ally in her. But it’s good to refresh.


What Will Jane Garvey Be After Leaving Woman’s Hour?

Jane Garvey will be hosting her own interview series. Also, she will become a regular late-night encounter with Fi Glover. As their ‘Fortunately’ podcast is appearing on the Radio 4 schedule.

Dame Jenni declared that she was leaving the Radio 4 show after like three decades, at the end of July. Her last show will be aired on 1st October 2020.

Radio 4

Who Will Be Taking Jane’s Place In Woman’s Hour?

The BBC announced that new presenters will be outlined soon.
They have decided to fill the positions with two new presenters.
It is believed that Garvey had decided to quit the show way before Dame Jenni declared her going away.

Garvey made some listeners infuriated earlier this year and was cited as being ‘snobby’ when she described Arctic Rolls as a low-level pudding.
She then replied on Twitter that it wasn’t the Arctic Roll thing that did for her in the end. Thanks for all the comments. Especially the one that said she was way too domineering, and a man should take her place on BBC Woman’s Hour straight away.

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