Jane Powell Dead: The star was 92

jane powell

Jane Powell was one of the biggest sensations in Hollywood. She made her debut with W.C. Fields and danced with Fred Astaire. It has been revealed that she has passed away from natural causes in her home in Wilton, Connecticut. She was 92 years old and is regarded as one of the most well known artists of all time. Therefore, let us try to find out a bit about her.


The death of this person was revealed by Susan Granger who was a friend of the actress. She said that the death of Jane was peaceful and she died at the house which she shared with her husband. His name was Dick Moore, who passed away in 2015. So, let us move onto how she became an actress.


Jane Powell: The golden age of Hollywood

The golden age of Hollywood is well-known. We should tell you that Jane was one of the last surviving actresses of that generation. She was also one of the few actresses who continued to appear on stage till the 21st century. Jane acted as an inspiration to an entire generation of entertainer.

Now, let us also talk about a bit about her life. Jane belonged to the city of Portland, Oregon. And over there, she was already a famous singer in her home town. She toured her home state as an “Oregon Victory Girl” to sell WWII bonds. Hence, she got famous.

When she moved to Hollywood, she got a contract with MGM. Her debut into films began with the Song of the Open Road. In this movie, she ended up playing a fictionalized version of herself. She is a singer who acts with the stars of the day in the movie. The stars are played by Charlie McCarthy, Sammy Kaye and W.C. Fields. Hence, this turned out to be a huge deal.

Powell also acted in a number of musical films. Most notable of them was known as Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In this 1954 movie, she played the role of Milly Pontipee.

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