Jane the virgin season 6 is back. Every update is here!

Jane the virgin season 6

Golden Globe grabber series ‘Jane the Virgin’ isn’t officially over yet. Jane the Virgin season 6 is happening despite all odds. Despite a lot of things against its renewal, it’s going to be back. CW plans to reboot the series and offer makers one last chance.

 Why season 6 was getting questioned?

The series was initially made to serve for 5 seasons only. Everyone on the series made their plans accordingly. Producer Jennie Snyder Urman made the call of the creative decision of the show ending several years ago. She’d told the network and star Gina Rodriguez that this series is going to have 5 seasons. She told them about her five-season plan during Season 3. And she determined the story’s endpoint even earlier.

Since Jane the virgin season 5 was designed to be it’s last, it was able to wrap-up its biggest and most vital plotlines by the time of its series finale very smoothly, allowing a smooth way of closure for fans. Jane the Virgin dig its own grave on season 5 making the season end. And since they knew that season 5 is the last outing for the series, this leaves fewer hopes for season 6. Despite earning accolades from the critics and a Golden Globe in its first season, it has never been a big-ratings-hit for The CW. Its performance was average over the last five seasons in terms of viewership.

The reason that made season 6 back again?

But now that CW has changed its mind, it’s going to come with a huge craze. CW has a very clear reason to reboot the commentative acclaimed series Jane the virgin for season 6. The fine plotline developed by talented writers is a pretty valid reason. CW doesn’t want to get away with a fine piece so soon and is willing to explore the storyline further.

What is going to be the storyline?

Though we saw Jane settling happily within the end of season 5, season 6 will bring her world the other way up to start with the new story. It may bring her world upside down.  It’s not difficult for the writers of the series to search out a subplot to explore in season 6. We can expect that season 6 will show Jane handling new obstacles in her life.


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